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What is Bootcamp.com™ for the DAT?

Bootcamp.com™ provides the highest quality DAT practice tests available in a convenient online format. DAT Bootcamp practice tests are designed to be the most focused and high-yield prep a pre-dental student can use in their journey to conquer the DAT. We also offer a strategy blog, dedicated solely to the DAT.

It’s called a Bootcamp for a reason – this material is challenging, but focused to give you the highest-yield prep by going over common questions, topics, and themes that appear on the DAT. If you want to conquer the DAT, you’ve come to the right place.

Who built DAT Bootcamp?

My name is Ari Rezaei. I’ve recently taken the DAT and scored well (view score report). I did my undergrad at the University of Florida (Go Gators!). Typically during my downtime you can find me cooking spicy food or playing the piano.

While I was preparing for the DAT, I felt that a lot of the DAT prep material wasn’t up to par. The DAT market is too small for big prep companies to care about, so they recycle their MCAT material and slap a “DAT” label on it. There are a lot of third party products, but most were made by people who have never taken the DAT. I had to use several different products – practically one for each section on the test – and it still was not an accurate representation of the real exam. As a result, I had to work a lot harder to score high on the DAT.

I set out to make DAT Bootcamp to help future pre-dental students conquer the DAT by providing them with everything they need to get into the 90th percentile and up. Everything is designed purely for the DAT by people who aced the DAT.

How similar is DAT Bootcamp to the actual exam?

We believe it’s very similar in terms of difficulty. We ask questions that require you to think critically to ensure you thoroughly understand all topics that could be asked on the DAT.

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How can I contact you?

I’d love to hear from you! You have a few options to get in contact:

How do I join DAT Bootcamp?

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