DAT Taxonomy Video Miniseries

This 5-part video miniseries will cover the most commonly tested topics in taxonomy on the DAT. Use it in conjunction with the Bootcamp Biology Notes, and be sure to let us know if you like them!

DAT Taxonomy (1 of 5)

DAT Taxonomy (2 of 5)

***Correction to Video 2 (Timestamp 13:00): Mushrooms are multicellular organisms.

DAT Taxonomy (3 of 5)

***Correction to Video 3 (Timestamp: 10:50): Platyhelminthes do have organ systems, including digestive, nervous, and excretory.

DAT Taxonomy (4 of 5)

DAT Taxonomy (5 of 5)


***Correction to Video 5: Lichens are not classified as plants; they are fungi paired with algae or cyanobacteria.

***Correction to Video 5 (Timestamp: 1:00): Phloem carry nutrients and water down the plant, xylem mainly carry water up the plant.

***Correction to Video 5 (Timestamp: 1:58): If the plant does not produce seeds, it is a seedless tracheophyte (Ex. ferns). Gymnosperms and angiosperms are seed-bearing tracheophytes. Most seedless tracheophytes are heterosporous.


BONUS VIDEO: Alternation of Generations Explained!