Partnership with DAT Genius!

The team and I at DAT Bootcamp are always looking for ways to help our students get a better DAT score, and one question that continues to come up is “where can I get more practice?”. While we are focusing on expanding our chemistry sections, I know some students still need more practice especially in biology, PAT, and reading comprehension.

I reviewed every DAT prep resource available, and while we all have our strengths and weaknesses, DAT Genius consistently came up as a great resource to help students prepare for the DAT. We’re happy to announce we’ve teamed up with DAT Genius to create more practice test content and DAT-specific tools that will boost your scores at an affordable price.

Here are some of the things I think DAT Genius does well: the biology section has in-depth explanations that review entire concepts, which is important for a section that is so broad, and where anything can be tested. The RC section mimics the length and difficulty of the real DAT and can be supplementary if you need more reading practice. Lastly, the PAT has some of the best explanations I’ve read, especially if you’re struggling with TFE or keyholes.

Both websites will continue to run independently, with Joel leading DAT Genius. I’ve spoken with Joel over the past few months, and it’s clear he’s a very bright tutor with a vision similar to ours.

If you’re thinking about using DAT Genius, you can get 25% off your upgrade when you use our referral code bcgenius25 at checkout. We’re very excited for the future and think you’ll be pleased with what we have planned!