Top Front End Visualizer

This is the top front end visualizer. Please read the following before starting:

1. What is a "visualizer?" Whenever someone asks me for tips on how to do better on the TFE section, I always recommend that they try to "visualize" the 3D shape in their head. For most people, visualizing 3D shapes is inherently difficult, and requires practice. Use this TFE tool to help you practice visualizing 3D shapes in your head! Please note this is not designed to be a full TFE generator, this is designed to help ease you into solving TFE problems. The difficulty of the real PAT TFE section will be more similar to the practice tests.

2. It is strongly recommended you use Google Chrome on Windows or Safari on Mac for the best performance.

3. After selecting an answer choice, you can rotate the 3D image that appears using your mouse. Click and drag to rotate the shape. Look at the shape from the top, front, and end views to understand why the lines appear either solid or dotted.

4. I highly recommend the PAT Academy TFE Tutorial too. If this is your first time, take a second to read the official TFE instructions.

Try to spend 15 minutes practicing with this visualizer each day to increase your speed and efficiency.

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