Frequently Asked Questions

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Practice Tests

How similar is DAT Bootcamp to the actual DAT exam?

We believe it’s very similar in terms of difficulty. We ask questions that require you to think critically to ensure you thoroughly understand all topics that could be asked on the DAT.

What makes DAT Bootcamp different from other products?

While we were preparing for the DAT, we felt that a lot of the DAT prep material wasn’t up to par. The DAT market is too small for big prep companies to care about, so they recycle their MCAT material and slap a “DAT” label on it. There are a lot of third party products, but most were made by people who have never taken the DAT. We had to use several different products – practically one for each section on the test – and it still was not an accurate representation of the real exam. As a result, we had to work a lot harder and spend much more money to score high on the DAT.

My team and I set out to make DAT Bootcamp to help future pre-dental students conquer the DAT by providing them with everything they need to get into the 90th percentile and up. Everything is designed purely for the DAT by people who aced the DAT.

How do I begin an exam?

To begin a practice exam, visit the classroom page. Click on a subject you would like to study. You will be taken to the subject page, and from there you can choose an exam to begin.

How many times can I take an exam?

As many times as you would like!

Are my exam results saved?

Yes! You can access your saved test results by visiting the saved test results page.

Do you have full-length practice tests?

Yes! Get comfortable with the timing and the look and feel of test day by using our full length test simulator.

How do I get access to more exams?

The first exam of each subject is available for free to all members of DAT Bootcamp. To gain access to every exam available on DAT Bootcamp, visit our upgrade page to upgrade your membership and gain access to more exams.

I have testing accommodations. Can I turn off the exam timer?

Yes. When you’re taking a practice test, if you click the words “Time Remaining” at the top right of the screen, you’ll be able to pause the timer. You can then proceed through the test at your own pace. You’ll know it’s paused because the words should say “Timer Paused” after you’ve clicked it. To resume the timer, just click the words again. Please only use this feature if you have testing accommodations.

I take the DAT in a few days. Will I have time to complete every practice test, and will it be helpful?

We believe DAT Bootcamp is most effective within a couple weeks of your exam.

From a recent customer: “These tests are amazing. I would recommend buying the entire package. I actually only bought them about 4 days before my exam and it was the best thing that I did! I learnt so much from these tests, especially the GC tests. I really think that these tests are the reason I got a 24 on GC. They were the most representative questions of the real exam.” – see complete breakdown.

Can I use this for the Canadian DAT?

Sure, we’ve had thousands of students from Canada use DAT Bootcamp to knock their CDAT out of the park. Some have even become featured students, you can read more about them here.

Mike’s Videos

What are Mike's Videos?

Mike’s Videos are new for 2017 and were designed to cover the whole gamut of chemistry concepts you’ll see on the 2017 DAT. They are included in your upgraded membership.

Where can I find the outlines and quizzes for each chapter?

The download links for outline and quiz of each chapter are found below each video. For example: if you’re looking for the Organic Chemistry Chapter 3 outline, go to any video in Organic Chemistry Chapter 3, and click on the blue download button underneath the video title.

How long can I access Mike's Videos for?

Mike’s Videos are included in your upgraded membership, so you can access them as long as you have an active upgraded membership.


How do I reset my password?

To reset a forgotten password, visit the recover password page and follow the instructions listed. Be sure you’re using the correct username when trying to log in!


How do I upgrade my membership?

Visit our upgrade page to upgrade your membership and gain access to every exam available on DAT Bootcamp.

How long does my membership last?

DAT Bootcamp Pro memberships will expire 90 days after purchase. DAT Bootcamp Plus memberships will expire 180 days after purchase. Your subscription will not auto-renew. If you would like to re-upgrade, you will have to do so manually.

Do you offer any coupon codes?

If you’re a member of a pre-dental club or society, check with one of your officers to see if you have a discount already set up for your school. If not, just have an officer contact us so we can setup a discount! Email me at to set up a discount.


How can I contact you?

To send us an email, visit the contact page and get in touch with us.