1.3 Molecular Formulas and Percent Composition (Solution, Pt. 1)

1. The empirical formula of a compound with molecules containing 12 carbon atoms, 14 hydrogen atoms, and 6 oxygen atoms is __________.

A. C12H14O6

B. C6H7O3



E. C2H4O

2. Calculate the percent composition, by mass, of carbon in the following compounds: (use a calculator)

Cocaine, C17H21NO4

Vancomycin, C55H75Cl2N9O24

3. What is the molecular formula of each of the following compounds?

Empirical formula CH2, molar mass = 84 g/mol

Empirical formula HCO2, molar mass = 90.0 g/mol

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B; 67%; 50%; C6H12; H2C2O4