1.6 Theoretical and Percent Yields (Solution, Pt. 1)

1. Iron (Fe, 55.8 g/mol) is an abundant element on Earth. An iron ore called hematite contains iron in the form of Fe2O3 (160 g/mol). To extract the iron from hematite, the Fe2O3 is reacted with carbon monoxide according to the reaction:

How much hematite ore, which contains 64% Fe2O3 by mass, is required to produce 0.20 mol of elemental iron?

A. 17.4 g
B. 34.9 g
C. 8.72 g
D. 25.0 g
E. 50.0 g

2. Pentane is a component of gasoline. How many liters of air, which contains 20% O2 by volume, is required to completely combust 2.0 L of pentane?

A. 20 L
B. 40 L
C. 60 L
D. 80 L
E. 100 L