2022 DAT Biology Test Updates

What you need to know:

  • There’s no reason to fret – we’ve updated all our study materials and got you covered 💪
  • Content added to DAT Biology starting 2022:
  • Diversity of Life: VirusesArchaebacteria
  • Genetics: Genomics, Gene Expression, Epigenetics
  • You can find the official link on planned DAT biology changes here
  • DAT Bootcamp has added bio videos, notes, and practice questions that cover exactly what you need to know on these new topics so you’re prepared for 2022 DAT.
  • By studying with DAT Bootcamp, you’ll be the most prepared to ace the changes made to the DAT biology section.

Note: These changes also apply to the OAT.

Learn more about the 2022 changes and steps we’ve taken to update our DAT Biology Prep

Why did the ADA make changes?

The ADA periodically updates the DAT to make sure it matches up with what you’re learning in your college classes. They also survey dental school professors to see which topics are most important to know for success in dental school.

During the latest Biology Readiness Survey in 2018, the ADA identified a few new areas they want to include questions on for the DAT. Namely: Viruses, Archaebacteria, Genomics, Gene Expression, and Epigenetics.

See the current biology test specifications below, vs. the updated 2022 biology test specifications:

Current Biology Test Specifications vs. Updated 2022 Biology Test Specifications
Source: American Dental Association 2021 DAT Examination Guide vs. American Dental Association Updated DAT Biology Test Specifications

Key Changes:

Topics Added

  • Diversity of Life: Viruses, Archaebacteria
  • Genetics: Genomics, Gene Expression, Epigenetics

**Topics Removed

  • Cell and Molecular Biology: origin of life
  • Developmental Biology: fertilization, descriptive embryology, developmental mechanisms, and integrated relationships

**Note on Topics Removed

It may seem like some content has been removed, however, it’s just been reorganized and still being tested. For example:

While the “Six Kingdom, Three-Domain System” has been removed from the 2022 specifications (the Three-Domain System represents 1. Archaea, 2. Bacteria, and 3. Eukarya domains), the three domain system is still the currently accepted system further subdivided into the Six Kingdom System (Plants, Animals, Protists, Fungi, Archaebacteria, Eubacteria). Its removal from the test specifications is just a reorganization of how this information is displayed.

“Archaebacteria” is underlined in the new 2022 specifications, however this is just a re-representation of “archae” that was present in the previous specifications.

While the Developmental Biology section of the 2021 specifications has been removed, the Reproductive System is still present in the 2022 Structure and Function of Systems section. The Reproductive System will now cover the developmental stages of fertilization and embryology which were removed from Developmental Biology. Developmental Mechanisms now appears under Genetics. Basically, nothing changed with developmental biology. This is just a reorganization of this table.

DAT Bootcamp Has Been Updated for the 2022 DAT Bio Changes

We’ve done the research for you to find the highest-yield information on the new topics and what comes up most often in the DAT exams. We’ve been updating our practice tests and review material right along with the exam.

We added over 150 new questions based on student feedback, because the new questions that will be tested in 2022 are already being pre-tested now. Here’s a few sneak peeks of the new questions:

We’ve also added new videos and additions to the Bootcamp Bio Notes covering the new topics:

All of these materials are already included in your account and the DAT Study Schedule. If you’ve been studying with Bootcamp, you’re well prepared to ace the DAT.

The entire DAT Bootcamp team takes seriously the responsibility of keeping our tests, qbanks, and review materials representative. It’s our #1 goal that you leave test day feeling like it was just another DAT Bootcamp practice test that you were well prepared for.

You can be rest assured that we’re constantly updating our materials, creating new questions, and removing low-yield questions to keep DAT Bootcamp as the most representative source for DAT prep.

Whether you’re taking your test soon or in 2022, DAT Bootcamp is updated for the 2022 DAT changes.

If you ever have any questions, send us a message and we’ll be happy to help. We’re looking forward to helping you ace the DAT and become an outstanding dentist 🙌

– Ari & the DAT Bootcamp Team