How to Accurately Predict Your Score on the DAT

The burning question everyone asks:

“What will I score on the DAT?”

The only practice tests that can accurately predict your DAT score are the official 2007 and 2009 DAT practice tests, provided by the ADA. These tests were calibrated by the same people who score the real DAT, and thus provide the most accurate prediction of what you’ll likely score on the real DAT.

Unfortunately, the ADA doesn’t provide the conversion chart for its DAT practice tests anymore. However, you can still find a copy of the 2007 DAT conversion chart here.

DAT Bootcamp also provides score estimates for each of the individual subject tests. However, our tests should be used as a study tool first and score estimator second. Personally, I wish I could take out estimated scores. Some students become nervous when they’re projected a low score, while others become overconfident and stop studying once they hit 20+. Both situations are very dangerous! Our practice tests should be used to find out what you need to review, not what you’ll score on the real DAT. Focus on the questions and review for DAT Bootcamp, and use the official DAT practice tests to estimate your score.