New for the 2017 DAT

Dr. Mike's Chemistry Videos

Our library of 251 HD Organic Chemistry videos covers everything you need to know for the 2017 DAT.

Course Description

From p-orbitals to diazonium salts, Mike's Videos were designed to cover the whole gamut of organic chemistry concepts you'll see on the 2017 DAT.

  • 14 concise chapters tailored exactly to what the DAT will test you on - don't waste time studying untested material.

  • 251 concept videos - each chapter is broken up into in-depth concept videos, where Dr. Mike teaches you how to master organic chemistry topics from the ground up.

  • 425+ organic chemistry quiz questions to test your understanding. Every quiz question has a video explanation.

Course Description

General Chemistry videos are currently going through the process of uploading and editing.

As each new chapter is completed, it will be added here. Be sure to check back often!