DAT Strategy

Do I Need the Paid 2009 DAT Practice Test?

Absolutely yes! The 2009 DAT is the closest you can possibly get to the real DAT. More importantly, the scores you get on this practice test will almost mirror your real DAT scores. It is the most up to date version of the test with new question styles, especially in the reading comprehension section. The […]

Biology Mnemonics To Know For the DAT

Mnemonics are a great tool to memorizing large amounts of information quickly. Here are a couple I used to answer some questions on the DAT: Anterior pituitary hormones: FLATPEG FSH – Follicle stimulating hormone LH – Luetinizing hormone ACTH – Adrenocorticotropic hormone TSH – Thyroid stimulating hormone Prolactin – Lactation in mammary glands Endorphins – […]

Must Know Genetic Technologies for the DAT

Genetics makes up a large portion of the biology section on the DAT. A portion of genetics is dedicated to technologies, which isn’t covered very deeply in many of the AP biology guides, and covered way too in-depth in the Campbell Biology textbook. Here is a list of genetic technologies you should definitely know for […]

Do I Need to Know Mechanisms for DAT Organic Chemistry?

One of the toughest parts of organic chemistry is understanding the mechanisms behind reactions. Immediately, many pre-dental students want to know if they have to go through the same torture as they did in their college organic chemistry classes to memorize these complex reactions. You don’t have to know the mechanisms for many of the […]

Study Breaks: Absolutely Key To Studying Harder

Studying is an intense activity, especially when preparing for a test such as the DAT. I hear people say they’ll study for 6 hours straight – ridiculous! The amount of time you put into studying is not proportional to the effectiveness of your studying. It’s like exponential decay – the first hour or two of […]

1 Simple Method for Mastering Any Concept

I remember seeing a poster in my high school class that forever changed my outlook on studying. It said: “you remember 10% of what you read, but 90% of what you teach.” I became a chemistry tutor a couple of years ago, and it did wonders for me. It held me accountable to know the […]