DAT Strategy

DAT Grading Scale

What Do I Need to Score? The DAT grades you on 6 different subjects on a standard scale out of 30 points. The average test taker will score a 17 (50th percentile). The average for acceptance is a 19-20AA (~85th percentile). This is just an average though, a quick look at the ADEA Guide to […]

2007 DAT Practice Test Solutions

The official ADA DAT practice tests are one of the best ways to study for the DAT. The 2007 DAT is available for free online. We took it upon ourselves to provide you with the best solutions to help you get ready for test day. After you go through the 2007 DAT practice test, you […]

When Am I Ready To Take The DAT?

This is a tough question every student preparing for the DAT faces. Here’s the truth: you’ll never feel ready (unless you’re one of those prodigies who only studies for a week). Even after studying for 3 months on every kind of material I could get my hands on, I didn’t feel like I was at […]