DAT Strategy

Should I Read the Entire Campbell Biology Textbook?

Short answer: No. This question is usually asked after students review the list of reference texts the ADA uses to develop the DAT. Students believe that reading all 1500 pages of Campbell biology, a textbook you most likely used in biology I and II, will guarantee a great score on the biology section of the […]

How To Properly Use Campbell Biology Lecture Slides

Studying for any section of the DAT starts the same way: do a content review and then begin to tackle practice questions in bulk. Here’s what I recommend: do your content review with a condensed set of notes. Students studying for the DAT often use an AP biology book. I used Cliffs AP Biology and […]

How is the DAT Graded?

To begin, your raw score on the individual sections of the DAT are converted into standard scores. All of the DAT sub-sections (Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Perceptual Ability, Reading Comprehension, and Math) are individually graded on a scale of 30 points. Your sciences raw scores combine to make your Total Science Score (TS), and everything […]

Root Words: The Secret to Dominating DAT Biology

This is the first in a series of posts on how to beat the biology section on the DAT. As you may be aware, the biology section covers a massive amount of information; so much, that it is impractical for you to know it all. You have to understand and be comfortable with the fact […]

How Should I Prep to Ace the DAT on My Retake?

This was an interesting question posed to me the other day, and I thought I’d share my answer on the blog: Hi Ari, Hope all is well. I have decided that if i want to go through with this path of dentistry, then I’m going to have to re-assess my situation and prepare for another […]