How To Study Effectively Using DAT Practice Tests

It’s pretty simple: how you study will determine how high you score on the DAT. In this strategy lesson, I break down a critical study method “A” students use when taking DAT practice tests (this method should also be used for your classes, as well): To begin, you have the option of taking a timed Read More

Which Topic Do You Wish You Had Spent Less Time Reviewing?

I’d like to open discussion on a question proposed to me the other day: for those who have taken the DAT, which topic do you wish you had spent less time reviewing? The DAT is known to throw just about any topic at you, so I still believe it’s important to know as much as Read More

How Does DAT Bootcamp Chemistry Compare to the Real DAT?

“Are the DAT Bootcamp chemistry exams similar to the chemistry section on the actual DAT?” I get this question all the time. I figured it’s best to have one of our members answer this question: “I think DAT Bootcamp’s chem section was by far the most representative of the real exam. The topics tested are Read More

How the Right Mindset Can Boost Your DAT Score

A frequent question I’m asked by students preparing for the DAT is: “what do I need to know?” Mechanisms for organic chemistry? Macromolecules? Details of the kidney system? Granted, it’s important you don’t waste time studying irrelevant material that will never appear on the exam. But when I’m asked about specifics, usually the conversation will Read More

Should I Read the Entire Campbell Biology Textbook?

Short answer: No. This question is usually asked after students review the list of reference texts the ADA uses to develop the DAT. Students believe that reading all 1500 pages of Campbell biology, a textbook you most likely used in biology I and II, will guarantee a great score on the biology section of the Read More

How To Properly Use Campbell Biology Lecture Slides

Studying for any section of the DAT starts the same way: do a content review and then begin to tackle practice questions in bulk. Here’s what I recommend: do your content review with a condensed set of notes. Students studying for the DAT often use an AP biology book. I used Cliffs AP Biology and Read More

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