Perceptual Ability Strategy

New on 2020 PAT: Unsupported or Floating Cubes and How to Beat Them

There’s an updated question type appearing sometimes on the cube counting section of the 2020 PAT, dubbed “unsupported cubes” or “floating cubes”. No need to fret, everything is basically the same, and this 5 min video by Kiana is going to show you everything you need to know. Key takeaway: Just remember to count the Read More

Introducing the PAT Academy

Ari and I have received thousands of messages over the years with the same concern, “How do I start learning how to do the perceptual ability test?! This is so confusing.” Students don’t know where to begin. I’m really excited to share the PAT Academy as our answer to this problem. The PAT Academy is Read More

Keyholes Strategy Video

Keyholes DAT PAT Strategy The keyholes section of the DAT is tough and really comes down to consistent practice. Take advantage of our extra keyhole practice. I go over some techniques to beating keyholes in this video.

Pattern Folding Strategy Video

Pattern Folding DAT PAT Strategy The pattern folding section of the DAT can prove to be very difficult at the beginning. If you’re starting out or need a lot of help, try printing out the unfolded image, cut it out with scissors, and fold it yourself by taping the edges together. Take your time to Read More

Hole Punching Strategy Video

Hole Punching DAT PAT Strategy The hole punching section of the DAT can be learned using a few key techniques. If you have a hole puncher and paper nearby, try following along as I go over all of my techniques to beating hole punching in this video.

Cube Counting Strategy Video

Cube Counting DAT PAT Strategy The cube counting section of the DAT can seem tricky at first but is fairly straightforward once you get the hang of it. I go over all of my techniques to beating cube counting in this video.

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