Reading Comprehension Strategy

How the Highlighting and Cross Out Features Work on the DAT

There are two new important features the 2017 DAT has that you can use to improve your score. The first is the ability to highlight key words and phrases in the reading comprehension section, and the second is the ability to cross out incorrect answer choices by right-clicking on them. How to Use the Cross Read More

BYU4you Balanced RC Strategy

This is a new strategy that attempts to take the best from all the other strategies and reading techniques. BYU4you, a pre-dental student, was scoring around 19-20 on DAT Bootcamp’s RC section, and used this method to score a 28 on the real RC section. See how he did it below: BYU4you Balanced RC Strategy Read More

Vicviper Reading Comprehension Strategy

This is a popular method a pre-dental student used to score a 30 on the RC section of the DAT. It is a version of the search and destroy method. In summary, it involves looking for keywords in all of the questions, and then browsing the passage to search for all of those keywords at Read More

Vanilla Method for DAT Reading Comprehension

This is the method I used on the DAT reading section because it’s what made me feel most comfortable. It’s a very simple method. I would read the passage in full and then answer the questions in order. I would try to allocate 7-9 minutes to reading the passage, and then around 10-12 minutes to Read More

Search & Destroy Guide for DAT Reading Comprehension

What is Search & Destroy? Search and Destroy (or S&D) is a method used on the reading comprehension section of the DAT. In brief, the method is to skip reading the passage and to just go straight to the questions. If the question is application-based, inference-based, or tone-based, you mark and skip it. If the Read More

Important Words to Recognize on the DAT Reading Section

Often times on DAT reading passages, certain words and phrases will be used to convey the structure of the passage. By understanding what these words signify, you can more easily understand the structure of the reading passage. Here is a list of words you should look out for in DAT reading passages. Names You should Read More

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