NEW QR Questions for the 2017 DAT

There are new types of questions being asked in the DAT QR section as of this month. These questions fall under the ‘Quantitative Comparison’ scope of the test, and are in line with the ADA’s efforts to make the QR section more about logic and reasoning, instead of simple arithmetic.

First, I want to say there is no reason to panic. These new question types only comprise a small amount of the test – the QR section is largely unchanged. Students are still taking the test and scoring well in the QR section. In fact, it’s possible these new question types are not even being counted towards your score right now while the ADA gathers data on these questions.

DAT Bootcamp is in the process of adding more practice in this new question type to our QR section. Starting today, you will see a new category when you complete a QR test called “Quantitative Comparison”. We’re also adding more questions involving chart and graph interpretation.

These questions will present a scenario to you, and you have to critically think of the scenario to find the correct answer. Just take the practice tests as normal, and don’t panic when you see the quantitative reasoning questions. Just try to answer them as best as you can, and do not dwell for too long on them.

For more information on the question types, I recommend reading these three links:

Note: Trigonometry and geometry are still being tested, so it is important to not neglect these topics when studying for the QR section!