1 Simple Method for Mastering Any Concept

I remember seeing a poster in my high school class that forever changed my outlook on studying. It said: “you remember 10% of what you read, but 90% of what you teach.”

I became a chemistry tutor a couple of years ago, and it did wonders for me. It held me accountable to know the material (no one wants to be the useless tutor), and it solidified my understanding of the topics. Students would offer different viewpoints and I would have to understand the way others see the problem, and learn how to properly explain the concepts. By teaching the students, I would be teaching myself as well!

You don’t have to become a tutor or TA to teach others. You don’t even have to know the material! If you’re unsure about a question, research it with your notes and then explain it to the person until they understand it. There are people everywhere asking questions: your friends studying for the DAT, or online at the DAT or MCAT discussion forums at Student Doctor Network.

If you want to strengthen your weakness, teach! It’s a refreshing break from studying and very rewarding when you help someone understand a challenging concept.