2022 DAT Biology Test Updates

What you need to know: There’s no reason to fret – we’ve updated all our study materials and got you covered 💪 Content added to DAT Biology starting 2022: Diversity of Life: Viruses, Archaebacteria‍ Genetics: Genomics, Gene Expression, Epigenetics You can find the official link on planned DAT biology changes here DAT Bootcamp has added bio videos, notes, and Read More

What should I do after getting a low score on my first practice test?

You’ve just completed your first practice test and you didn’t score exactly what you were hoping to. You’re currently feeling a bit discouraged, after having weeks of intense studying, and are unsure what you should do next. Fortunately, you aren’t alone and this is a super common feeling among almost EVERY student who takes his Read More

“How do I make the most out of my studying?”

TL;DR: study smarter not longer by tagging, reviewing, and bookmarking your practice questions. A timeless question – it seems like every time you ask someone, you get a different answer! We took a close look at study data from recent test-takers (22+ AA, top 5% of test-takers) to find an objective answer to this question. Read More

COVID19: What’s it like to take the DAT during a pandemic?

The global pandemic has impacted all aspects of everyday life, and this includes the process of taking the DAT. Aside from the many test postponements and cancellations that have occurred as a result of COVID-related Prometric Center closures, there have been some changes to the test-taking process as a result of the pandemic. This includes Read More

New on 2020 PAT: Unsupported or Floating Cubes and How to Beat Them

There’s an updated question type appearing sometimes on the cube counting section of the 2020 PAT, dubbed “unsupported cubes” or “floating cubes”. No need to fret, everything is basically the same, and this 5 min video by Kiana is going to show you everything you need to know. Key takeaway: Just remember to count the Read More

COVID19: Dental School Admissions During a Pandemic

The COVID19 pandemic poses unique challenges for students applying to dental school in the 2020 admissions cycle. Many colleges and universities have made the unprecedented decision to change course grading to pass/fail. Prometric Center closures have resulted in thousands of DAT test dates being postponed. With the closure of many dental offices and limitation of Read More

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