How Does DAT Bootcamp Chemistry Compare to the Real DAT?

“Are the DAT Bootcamp chemistry exams similar to the chemistry section on the actual DAT?” I get this question all the time. I figured it’s best to have one of our members answer this question:

“I think DAT Bootcamp’s chem section was by far the most representative of the real exam. The topics tested are very similar, and I think the wording is more similar to the ADA style. I’d definitely take those practice tests before walking into the exam.”
Issac Yankem – 22AA, Student & Member of DAT Bootcamp
“I did the practice tests for gen chem, ochem, math, and bio, and the scores I got were almost identical to my scores on the real thing, within 1 point on 3/4 sections!!!”

By talking to students who have used our practice tests and recently taken the DAT, we’re able to adjust question difficulty and relevance to give you the best representation of the actual GC and OC section on the DAT exam. You can read more DAT Bootcamp reviews here.

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