How the Right Mindset Can Boost Your DAT Score

A frequent question I’m asked by students preparing for the DAT is: “what do I need to know?” Mechanisms for organic chemistry? Macromolecules? Details of the kidney system?

Granted, it’s important you don’t waste time studying irrelevant material that will never appear on the exam. But when I’m asked about specifics, usually the conversation will boil down to “how many corners can I cut while studying?”

The DAT represents the beginning of a journey of learning. When I studied, I approached the material with fascination; how is it that all of these molecules and organs combine to create life? If you’re serious about becoming a dentist, science should fascinate you. After all, your professional career will always be linked to it.

Here’s my recommendation. The next time you’re staring at new material and wondering if you should study it or not, try to look at it from a different perspective; you should learn the material because you’re interested in how life works. Who knows, you might learn something incredible. And when it appears on the DAT? Well, that’s a priceless moment.

“It’s better to know it and not need it, than to need it and not know it.”