I’m Already Using Another Video Lecture Series – Will Mike’s Videos Help Me?

Short answer: Yes 🙂

Mike’s Chemistry Videos help students review all the information they learned in General / Organic Chemistry 1 & 2 in a concise manner, designed specifically to focus on parts the DAT likes to ask questions on.

I’ve been working with Dr. Mike Christiansen, a PhD in organic chemistry, for over 2 years to create these chemistry lecture videos that are made just for the DAT. A lot of other video lecture series just teach an overview of all general and organic chemistry, leading you to study things that will probably not be on your DAT, which wastes precious study time.

Mike’s Videos are up-to-date with the difficulty of the current DAT, and are constantly being updated. Each lesson is broken up into concise concept videos that are easily searchable, so you can look up whatever you want to review quickly without having to skim through videos (see image below).

Mike’s Videos focus in on high-yield topics to prepare you to ace the chemistry sections.

In addition, there are 100’s of practice questions with video explanations, so not only can you learn the right answer, but you will learn how to think to get any similar questions correct as well. This question bank is super helpful to reinforce your learning and includes DAT-style questions so you can start practicing while you review. If you’re already using another video lecture series, I highly recommend at least doing the DAT quiz questions here too.

Lastly, Mike’s Videos are already included in your DAT Bootcamp subscription. If you ever have a question, feel free to send us a message! We look forward to helping you succeed on your DAT.