Do Not Use the Line Counting Method on DAT PAT

The line counting method was a popular strategy that worked well on past versions of the DAT for the Top Front End section. However, the DAT has caught on and now makes many of their problems line-counting “proof”.

Currently, the best way to beat the Top Front End section is to just visualize the 3D object. I know, nothing revolutionary. You don’t have to visualize the entire 3D object though, you only have to visualize a part of the question and compare it to the answer choices. Eliminate answer choices that don’t match. Rinse and repeat until only the correct answer remains. With practice you’ll slowly start to understand how to envision the 2D images into 3D shapes.

To get started on the Top Front End section, begin by reading the official instructions to the Top Front End section on the ADA’s website (TFE instructions: Page 28).

Confused with those instructions? Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through all the instructions and strategies on how to answer TFE questions in the PAT Academy, TFE Tutorial. I highly recommend watching these videos to learn how to answer TFE questions.