Is There Geometry and Trigonometry on the 2021 DAT?

Short answer: Yes, very basic concepts in geometry and trigonometry can still be tested.

Starting in 2017, the ADA changed the QR section to include a new question type called “Quantitative Comparison”, previously discussed here. The DAT Bootcamp QR section is completely updated to reflect these changes and prepare you for these questions.

In a previous official DAT Newsletter, the ADA specified Quantitative Comparison “includes, but is not limited to, conversions; probability and statistics; geometry; and trigonometry”.

Therefore, it is possible to still get a question on geometry or trigonometry on the DAT, so please do not neglect studying these topics. It’s worth spending a few minutes to review some basic formulas and your SOH-CAH-TOA rules.

Lastly, remember that there are many versions of the DAT being administered at any time. Some of these versions emphasize certain topics more than others. It’s important to remember anyone you talk to has probably only seen one or two versions of the DAT. So if you hear a certain topic wasn’t tested on their DAT, do not listen to them. There is no guarantee that topic will also not appear on your DAT. I’ve seen it happen way too often where someone hears there was no trigonometry on someone else’s DAT, so they neglect studying it, and then they get a couple questions on trig which brings down their QR score.